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Has anyone seen this studio? It’s AMAZING!

She takes kids drawings and makes them into plush dolls!

When I have kids I’m totally getting this done. It’s really really cool 🙂

Child’s Own Studio Blog here: http://childsownstudio.blogspot.com/

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ThriftyBeats sells AWESOME suitcase boomboxes on Etsy. Here is my interview with Dave from Thrifty to get a better idea on how the magic happens!

What is thrifty beats?

Thrifty beats starts with a vintage suitcase. That suitcase is then restyled, repurposed and redefined into a retro boombox. Each case is fitted with an amplifier, speaker setup, on/off switch, auxilary input and a wall charger. Options include a usb charger, varying speaker colors, colored leds, and when the party demands mobility, a rechargeable battery. Cases can vary from 30 watts to 400 watts with all sorts of speaker setups that will not only compliment the ear but compliment the eye. Each case is handcrafted with quality audio components to deliver an exceptional sound. This is art with an attitude you can hear.

How do you work?

I work in an environment that I would consider “organized chaos”. My tools are laid out neatly, everything is measured exact and all needs to be perfect or it’s not good enough. In the background is the chaos: music blasting from my personal thrifty beats case. Tuning everything out and getting down to business.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is the do-it-yourself mentality and design aspect associated with this endeavor. The reward that comes with the completion of something you built with your own two hands tops nothing else. Then add the factor of being able to listen to and enjoy your project to the tune of your favorite beat, nothing better.

Go check out ThriftyBeats on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thriftybeats

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I have no idea what they are saying, but the animation is in the style that I LOVE. I need to start doing more retro animations again. Very inspiring!

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My Day Job

People often get confused when I tell them I’m a Motion Designer (and VFX artist). This video is an amazing definition of what Motion Design is!

I think I’ll send it to my friends and family to finally demystify my cool job 🙂

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How is it possible for something to be so cute?


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How have these creatures not been eaten off by their predators yet? It doesn’t seem possible! They’re damnnnnnnn cute though. I want to hug this one.

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Amazing animation

This video is so pretty. I love the retro/ offset colors. This is so well done!

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Ocelot kitten

This cat is SO FULL OF CUTE!

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Here they are! Video form this time 🙂

There’s a few videos of them play-fighting, a few of hugging, and a few of them just being cats.

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Simon in the sink

My cat Simon likes hanging out in the sink now. The other day I turned on the sink just to see what would happen (yes, I’m slightly evil). The water pooled up to about half way. Simon was drinking it before he realized “oh wait a minute, I’m wet?!?!”. It was pretty hilarious.

Simon is notoriously not the sharpest knife in the drawer (although we still love him to bits). Once I found him sleeping in the litter box. Yes, the little box. He also eats all our scrap food, like a dog.

Our other cat Samba is always trying to lick him clean. This usually turns into some type of battle. It’s really quite cute.

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