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Ocelot kitten

This cat is SO FULL OF CUTE!

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Here they are! Video form this time 🙂

There’s a few videos of them play-fighting, a few of hugging, and a few of them just being cats.

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Simon in the sink

My cat Simon likes hanging out in the sink now. The other day I turned on the sink just to see what would happen (yes, I’m slightly evil). The water pooled up to about half way. Simon was drinking it before he realized “oh wait a minute, I’m wet?!?!”. It was pretty hilarious.

Simon is notoriously not the sharpest knife in the drawer (although we still love him to bits). Once I found him sleeping in the litter box. Yes, the little box. He also eats all our scrap food, like a dog.

Our other cat Samba is always trying to lick him clean. This usually turns into some type of battle. It’s really quite cute.

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Today we are going to hear from Hope from blackbirdandpeacock Etsy store. She makes really awesome notebooks! Here’s what she has to say:

For most of my life I’ve considered myself a writer rather than an artist/craftsy lady.  Over the years I’ve gone through short periods of painting or watercoloring, but more recently I started making collages utilizing stamps, watercolors, and handmade paper.  This led me down the road to stamping moleskine journals (an idea my husband had first) using stamps created from my husband’s designs.

Eventually, my love of paper and journals gave me the itch to create journals from scratch.  Recently I bought a stack cutter and wire binding machine so I can upcycle old books and create journals using their covers.  I also collect little boxes that I fashion into covers.  The paper I purchase is all earth friendly- it’s made from coffee beans, banana pulp, and recycled material.

The upcycled journals are a labor of love.  First I remove (with an xacto blade) the book’s cover from the spine.  Then the covers are taken over  to the stack cutter so I can give them a clean inside edge.  The covers are measured and hole punched with the wire binding machine.  Next the paper is chosen, measured, cut and punched.  (This might sound easy, but I’m simplifying this, believe me!)  The covers, paper, and ephemera are then slipped onto the wire coils.  Finally, I can bind the book with a simple pull of a lever- the easiest step.  Voila!  A journal is born!

Every journal has a purpose or mood, so I endeavor to find the right papers for each.  Sometimes I include a bit of ephemera- for example, I have a lot of cool unused vintage postcards that a friend sent me.  Today some pads of Strathmore recycled sketch paper came in the mail, which I’ll use to make artist journals.  I’ll also be making daily planners, cooking journals, writing journals and chunky notepads made out of recycled boxes.  The possibilities are endless!

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Pygmy Jeroba

I work in visual effects. I specialize in making the unreal look real. When I first saw this video, I was CONVINCED it was not real! How could such a creature exist? But alas, IT IS REAL! (what the hell?)

It’s pretty much the coolest little thing ever born. Don’t ya think?

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Skribblykids (my alter ego) has been featured in Big Bad Art blog!

I even have a YUM recipe in there. Go see here 😉

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Anyone else a regular visitor to fuckyeahcuteanimals blog ? While the name is a bit nsfw, the blog itself is pretty much the cutest blog on the internet! It just takes all the cute and puts it all onto one page. How convenient!

Anyone have other recommendations?

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