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Omg! I want to hug both of them. So much love 🙂

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Hey everyone! Black Friday Sale over at www.skribblykids.com

25% off everything!

This INCLUDES custom portraits!

Get em while theyre hot 🙂

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I LOVE Simon’s Cat videos. Every one that he makes is sooooo amazing!

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This is Lella, she is one cute pup 🙂

Also, have you seen this puppy? I see a resemblance here… (sad eyes!!)

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Portfolio Update!

It’s been a while- I’ve been neglecting to add the new families and pets that I’ve made in the past few months. So… here they are!

Most of these were commissioned through www.skribblykids.com

Christmas orders are starting to pile up! I”m sure I’ll have a new batch of cartoons to show in not too long.

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I don’t know what this thing is (possum mixed with a mouse mixed with a tarsier??) but it is soooooooooooo cute!!!!

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New in store just in time for the holiday season: Printable, Customizable greeting cards!

So far I only have 2 Christmas styles. I plan on adding other holidays and styles soon. Let me know if there is a particular holiday or character that you would like to see on one of these printable cards!

Check them out here in my Etsy Shop.

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The Secret of Kells

I just watched this AMAZING feature animation called The Secret of Kells. The style it out of this world. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of it! I can’t recommend it enough.

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awww… Simba and Nala?

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