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This has got to be the coolest dog ever.

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Cool Retro Spot

Super cool holiday spot for Fox Retro.

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En francais..

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Here is a really well done Christmas add for the Red Cross. Super simple looking and nice.

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Here are two new family portraits! The families are related, which is why I kept similar themes. They are going to make fun Christmas Gifts 🙂

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Answer: Yes, TWO baby Slow Lorises!


That is all. 🙂

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I saw this on Motionographer today:


This is an awesome short by Ned Wenlock who seems to be a master at the digital rolling paper with drop shadow look. It’s also very 50s cartoon ish (which obviously i’m obsessed with!)


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Fiona from Fiiimac Vintage on Etsy was nice enough to let me interview her this week. Here’s what she had to say:

CuteCartoonPortraits: Where do you find you items?

Fiona: First: in my dreams. Fortunately, I come on wonderful vintage stuff pretty easily in reality; first, I have close friends involved in the antique trade, and often have early access to estate sales, which yield the most incredible things. Secondly, I travel often, and always take the opportunity to poke around the bins and boxes of thrift stores and opp shops in every weird corner of the world when possible!

CCP: What made you get into selling on Etsy?

F: I was living at home, and my dad started to complain of the mess my collection of footwear was making in the front hall. I was obsessed even then with making the ultimate vintage score, and when I got all my boots together that day, the resulting pile was embarrassingly huge. So my original stock was made up of my own stuff! After it became clear that I wasn’t going to stop vintage hunting, I decided to start buying stock exclusively for the shop, and the rest is history.

CCP: Are you a cowgirl?

F: Haha, I wish. I’m from snowy eastern Canada, and my cowboy boot love is purely impractical.

CCP: What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me! When I’m picking my stock, I’m always wooed by leather, especially great, thick, worn-in, cognac and sienna browns. If I find a fantastic golden brown, high quality pair of 60s leather boots, I have to buy them, even if they’re in some unusual size, like women’s 5 or men’s 13. And I have a ton of favourite stores on Etsy; currently, I’m loving the re-purposed coat leather and carpet bags made by Hoakon + Helga and Northernlights respectively. Also, of course, all the beautiful vintage sellers of the Vintage Fashion Team, who are always wonderful.

Thanks Fiona for taking the time out to interview!

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I’m guilty of doing this at a party once or twice. I can’t help it! Animals are cute!

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