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This one is pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. A baby in a monster costume and a wiener dog- how can you go wrong?

As always, more custom portraits found here

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Yes, yes, and yes. I do all of these. ALL.

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Here is my great interview with Danielle from 20th Century Girl on Etsy!

Cute Cartoon Portraits: How would you describe your shop?

Danielle: My shop is a growing collection of handmade crafts using recycled vintage and retro fabrics, especially tea towels. I make fun and colourful cushions, bags and other accessories. I have tried to keep the style bright and playful but always keeping the love of vintage foremost.

CCP: I see you use a lot of recycled materials. Where do you find these materials and how do you come up with your ideas?

I find a lot of my materials from charity shops. My husband Graham is especially good at sourcing tea towels for me and often comes home with a bundle for me.

My ideas come from everywhere, but I love finding old vintage craft books and updating some of the ideas in them. I get so much joy in recycling items and making something completely different from what they were first made for.

CCP: What inspires you?

D: I am strongly influenced by the 1960’s and love anything psychedelic or ‘hippyish’. I record old 60’s TV programmes and study the fashions and decor avidly. I drive my family mad with pausing programmes to study the pattern of a wallpaper in an old sitcom.

CCP: Do you have any advice for fellow etsy sellers?

D: Best advice for other Etsians is take the time and take great photos and socialize as much as possible, find a good team and keep in touch as often as possible.

CCP: Finally, what’s your favourite song right now?

D: I am really into Jimi Hendrix at the moment and ‘All along the watchtower’ is my current favourite, played very loud!

Thanks Danielle for taking the time!



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I could spend DAYS on this site! http://omgsloths.tumblr.com/ I still don’t quite get how these amazingly cute little things haven’t gone extinct. They just seem like the easiest pray ever… Good thing i’m a vegetarian and not a cute-sloth-eating-monster.

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This week Javon from OneGreenBicycle was nice enough to do an interview with cute cartoon portraits:

Cute Cartoon Portraits: How would you describe your shop?

Javon: My small town history has given me a love of the search for charming antiques finely detailed with character. And my nature’s love to re-purpose, maximizing its life and usefulness, intertwines well with the charms of the antique. Yet, my heart for the future is in Japan, learning and helping in their disaster relief efforts. So my items have an Asian flair lending themselves to my three loves: items with a story to tell, refurbished giving them renewed usefulness, and a zest of Japanese style sometimes exploding from the item or hidden between the lines.

CCP: Where do you find your items?

J: As I’m in Japan, the search continues to find and refurbish Asian antiques. For the kitchen, a majority of my items are refurbished antique silverware with painted handles, vintage character, and Asian detailing. I will continue to grow into other areas of the home and garden as life in Japan continues and my search deepens. Whether from Japan or America, there’s a guarantee to receive your items on time and with oftentimes less or fee shipping to these countries.

Most of the time I find my items lost in wayward garage sales, small antique parlors, and even in the homes of lovely friends. But in the end, the imagination is the limit between the shores of Tokyo and Kyoto.

CCP: What inspires you?

J: My inspiration flows from one source to another, currently finding itself in the beauty of the sakura, cherry blossom, on a rainy day. When there’s a small gust of wind, they flood the air mimicking a large snowfall while filling the world around you with their soft, fresh fragrance.

CCP: What’s your favourite shop on Etsy?

J: My current favorite shop on Etsy is Sound of Home, handmade items with Asian styling combined with lovely prices.

CCP: I see you also have a recipe blog, what’s your favourite recipe right now?

J: Between sushi and sashimi meals, I have rediscovered my desire making and enjoying Blackberry Frozen Yogurt. Depending on the season, I change the blackberry to strawberry, raspberry, mint, etc. And with only three ingredients, it’s hard not to make it. And my shop’s long sundae spoon is the most perfect utensil for this dish.


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I like this trend of car companies pushing animation into stylized cool places!

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New drawings commissioned for an upcoming website that sells you printable paintings and drawings. The last 4 drawings will serve as “how to” instructions.

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This is Bernadette! She is the newest little kitty that I’ve made for my Shelter Animal Prints section in my shop.

Bernadette the cartoon cat is based on Bernadette the real life shelter kitty. She needs a new forever home. You can see her petfinder.com profile here.
I wanted to use my drawings as a way to raise awareness about animals all over the world that need adopting.
Petfinder.com is a great way to find your animal match! (I got my first cat, Samba, using petfinder!)

$5 from every sale of this print (and all other prints in this section) goes towards the Montreal SPCA.

The listing for this print is here!


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