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cute cartoon portraits kittiesNewest portrait. Kitties!


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cute cartoon portraitcute cartoon portraitLove is in the air! Valentine’s day is coming up, and I got to draw 2 new couples portraits. The one on the bottom was a wedding gift for two friends who got hitched over the weekend. The guy is a mathematician and the girl is an awesome cook. Congrats to all the happy couples!


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Mr T cartoon drawingI PITY THE FOOL! I love Mr T. This is him back in his glory days.. with lots and LOTS of gold. Oh my, so much gold! 🙂


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ellen degeneres family cute cartoon portrait cat dog

I think Ellen is hilarious! Since she and her wife Portia de Rossi have 3 cats and 2 dogs, I figured it would be fun to draw them all!

Also, this is one of the funniest Ellen clips:

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Character Design

I thought I’d share some character designs I’ve been working on for my day job. They are for the characters “Wow” and “Woe”. One is super happy positive guy, the other is a real downer.

character design montreal quebec cartoon

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Valentine’s day is not that far away! If you are looking for the perfect gift, why not give your loved one a custom portrait of the two of you? Single? Get one of you and your pet! (like below, tee hee!) Order now until Feb 1 and get 25% your order! Go to www.cutecartoonportraits.com and use code VDAY25

Remember: between drawing, printing, and sending, it can take a few weeks to get this done. Order early to endure your loved one gets it on time!

cute cartoon portrait valentine's day

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bannerToday I had the pleasure of talking with Gabbie from GabriellesCreations Etsy store.

Cute Cartoon Portraits: What do you specialize in?

Gabbie: I specialize in polymer clay sweets and food miniatures, original pet tags and sweet photo frames. I also love to experiment with different materials, techniques and styles! At the moment there are some resin jewelry in my shop, as well as the classic/ romantic “Winter Flowers” items. I will be adding soon some steampunk rings and hope to make some horror/ gothic jewelry too.

prod 1

CCP: How did you get into selling on Etsy?

G: At first all my creations were offered as gifts or I wore them myself. Then some of my friends and family suggested that I should try to get them “out to the world”. They were stocking up, so I decided to give it a try!
I was thrilled by the positive and heart-felt feedback they received, and I soon started to participate in lots of exhibitions, fairs and even sold to a few selected stores. I love creating and it’s really rewarding for me to know that I made someone happier with a piece of my jewelry!
With Etsy, it’s really easy to make my items available worldwide, not only in Greece =)


CCP:  Do you have any facebook twitter etc pages you’d like to share?

G: Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/GabriellesCreations
Blog: www.ggcreations.blogspot.gr
Twitter: www.twitter.com/G_Creations
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/gcreations
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/unique.g.creations2
Facebook group: goo.gl/NjBqi
Google Plus: plus.google.com/117657870997547158965


Thanks Gabbie! Go check out her store here


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