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etsy interview

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Berta from Berta’s Goods/ Scarppy kids Etsy store

Cute Cartoon Portraits: What do you specialize in?

Berta: I  specialize in making children jackets, coats and vests. I mostly use factory scraps or reclaimed unwanted materials mixed with love and luxury quality finishing. My main goal is to create a long lasting and practical item which is also versatile to wear for every occasion, meanwhile taking care of the environment.

prod 1

CCP: How did you get into selling on Etsy?

B: I knew about Etsy for a while back before I started to make my line. When I came out with my samples it seamed to be the obvious next step. Now I am looking for other platforms as well.



CCP: Do you have any facebook twitter etc pages you’d like to share?

B: www.facebook.com/ScrappyKids
www.scrappykids.com (under construction)



Thanks Berta! Check out Berta’s Etsy store here

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