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ellen degeneres family cute cartoon portrait cat dog

I think Ellen is hilarious! Since she and her wife Portia de Rossi have 3 cats and 2 dogs, I figured it would be fun to draw them all!

Also, this is one of the funniest Ellen clips:

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etsy interview

Rebecca from Good Dog Pet Portraits does a different type of custom pet portrait from what I do. She specializes in more realistic looking illustrations.

Cute Cartoon Portraits: Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

Rebecca: I’m not from the country but I live out in it now. I never imagined that llamas and sheep would be my neighbors, that I would love growing gourds, or that I’d really want peacocks for Christmas. I have always been an artist but this way of living has opened something in my artistic brain. I take more photographs. I paint horses and dogs with acrylics all the time and in a “big” way. (Sometimes my canvases are 5ftx5ft.) I made some abstracts that I like after two years of trying and failing. The best part about this majorly artistic time in my life is that I’ve learned how to digitally draw. That is what my Etsy shop is about. Being able to bring together my love for dogs, people, and for art with a brand new skill is a great feeling.

etsy interview

CCP: How did you get into illustrating and selling on etsy?

R: It started about 9 months ago when my fiance (a computer guru) told me that I should buy this tablet thing. Honestly, it cost $200 and I had a really hard time spending that kind of money on something I had no idea how it worked or if I was going to like it. The first day, he hooked it up to my computer and big monitor on the wall for me and I drew like I did when I was six. The small, black tablet is in your lap and you draw with a digital pen while looking at a totally different spot. We are all used to drawing, writing, etc while looking down at what we are working on. Day two and three looked like I was intoxicated because you could see shapes but the lines were squiggly. Day four and five, I let my friends play with it because I had given up. Then, once the pressure I put on myself let up, I got it. I found that amazing spot that artists find when they are in the middle of something good. I started drawing/painting my friend’s dogs on my personal facebook page and decided to try Etsy after I got my sea legs.


CCP: Are you a cat or a dog person?

R: I am a dog person but I think I’d be both if I weren’t allergic to cats. Cats are cool. Dogs are sweet. You can’t go wrong with either. I am seriously adopting three peacocks in January.


Peacocks! Wow!

Also, I can relate to the Wacom tablet experience. It takes a while to get used to, but once you do, WATCH OUT! The thing is an AMAZING tool. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Check out Rebecca’s store here

also, like her on facebook

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Etsy interview

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Sally from Bloomingtails Dog Duds on Etsy!

Cute Cartoon Portraits: Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

Sally: I’ve enjoyed designing and sewing things since I was little, and in college I majored in art. I’m also a dog lover and since 2001 have designed and made clothing for my female Pomeranian, who is featured in my Shop avatar and recently became my fashion model. Friends loved the dog clothes I made for Dominique so much, they advised me to sell it, so here I am!

etsy interview

CCP: How did you get into making dog clothing?

S: Since many small dog owners including me tend to think of our dogs as being like little people, I enjoy basing my styles on people’s clothing, either small children’s or sophisticated ladies’ and gentlemen’s, and it’s fun to sew them and to form a mental picture of buyers’ furbabies wearing them. Of course they’re not direct copies of people’s clothes, but, to use an example, a friend of mind has a jacket I would practically die for, so several of my dog dresses each have a pointed yoke at the mid-back, like my friend’s’ jacket has.

etsy interview

CCP: Anything else you’d like to add?

S: You’re invited to see my blog and my Facebook page:
bloomingtailsdogduds.wordpress.com [to September 29]
bloomingtailsdogduds.blogspot.com [from September 29]

My other interests include writing, nature, interior and landscape design, acrylic painting, and designing and making semiprecious gemstone jewelry of nature and food themes based on the color and/or shape of the beads. My jewelry is marketed locally.


Go check out her Etsy store here. It’s really cute and fun!


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Cute Dog doing yogaHere is Shannon and her dog Floyd doing yoga!


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Cute Cartoon Portrait illustration family petsCute Cartoon Portraits family christmas dog patriots

It’s been a busy week for me! Between family and pet portraits, website designing, and video making, I haven’t had a second to rest! (That is a good thing).

These are my two latest family drawings . Super fun to draw. Can’t wait to do more!

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Cute Cartoon Dog PortraitMeet Stink the dog. Isn’t she the cutest?

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This is the latest pet portrait I’ve made. More at www.cutecartoonportraits.com


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I LOVE the dog whisperer- Cesar Millan. He is just soo quotable! “The dog has to be calm and submissive… calm and submissive”

Has anyone seen the South Park episode featuring him? Hilarious!

He’s also pretty awesome. Here’s the link to his foundation.


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This is Jack, the nautical dog!

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What on earth is “Pre-Made Custom”? I’m taking popular dog breeds and allowing you to put your dog’s name on them as well as change some colors! Cool eh?

Is there a popular dog breed that you would like to see?

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