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Today I had the fortune of interviewing  an AMAZING new Etsy store My Retro Nest

Cute Cartoon Portraits: Where do you get your inspiration from?

My Retro Nest: I’ve had a soft spot for Retro art and design, be it posters, fashion, products or furniture since my teens. A friend of the family is an avid collector of kitchenalia and other products from the 50s and my brother collects a lot of 60s kitchenalia as well, so I’ve always been around it. I also studied graphic design and loved pouring through books showing 60s product design and advertising.

CCP: How do you choose your colors?

MRN: I don’t usually work with bright colours when I’m working for clients ( as a freelance illustrator), but I seem to be drawn to them while creating these posters. I just work by instinct and then I realise that I’m really into aqua or pink or red! I have been making a more concerted effort to create posters in more muted tones just to see what mood I can create with colour combinations I don’t usually work with.

CCP: How do you work? (Draw with pencil, and then digitize, etc?)

MRN: I usually have a look on the net and that can spark an idea for a poster, or I’ll have a pen and notepad near by and just write down ideas through out the day. I’ll scribble a few thumbnails down and then use them as a guide for the poster design. I have a wacom tablet and pen, so I usually draw with that in Adobe Illustrator. i’ll then use some of the paintbrush strokes in the menu to give the illustration a less ‘digitized’ look.

CCP: What’s your favorite Etsy shop?

MRN: I haven’t bought anything from there yet, but I love the look and style of QuillandFox. The product line is beautiful and the photography is gorgeous, I really love the styling of the brand. When I see shops like this it makes me want to lift up my game. Having said that, I’ve only had an Etsy shop for a week!


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