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Etsy interview

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Sally from Bloomingtails Dog Duds on Etsy!

Cute Cartoon Portraits: Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

Sally: I’ve enjoyed designing and sewing things since I was little, and in college I majored in art. I’m also a dog lover and since 2001 have designed and made clothing for my female Pomeranian, who is featured in my Shop avatar and recently became my fashion model. Friends loved the dog clothes I made for Dominique so much, they advised me to sell it, so here I am!

etsy interview

CCP: How did you get into making dog clothing?

S: Since many small dog owners including me tend to think of our dogs as being like little people, I enjoy basing my styles on people’s clothing, either small children’s or sophisticated ladies’ and gentlemen’s, and it’s fun to sew them and to form a mental picture of buyers’ furbabies wearing them. Of course they’re not direct copies of people’s clothes, but, to use an example, a friend of mind has a jacket I would practically die for, so several of my dog dresses each have a pointed yoke at the mid-back, like my friend’s’ jacket has.

etsy interview

CCP: Anything else you’d like to add?

S: You’re invited to see my blog and my Facebook page:
bloomingtailsdogduds.wordpress.com [to September 29]
bloomingtailsdogduds.blogspot.com [from September 29]

My other interests include writing, nature, interior and landscape design, acrylic painting, and designing and making semiprecious gemstone jewelry of nature and food themes based on the color and/or shape of the beads. My jewelry is marketed locally.


Go check out her Etsy store here. It’s really cute and fun!


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