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Here they are! Video form this time 🙂

There’s a few videos of them play-fighting, a few of hugging, and a few of them just being cats.

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Simon in the sink

My cat Simon likes hanging out in the sink now. The other day I turned on the sink just to see what would happen (yes, I’m slightly evil). The water pooled up to about half way. Simon was drinking it before he realized “oh wait a minute, I’m wet?!?!”. It was pretty hilarious.

Simon is notoriously not the sharpest knife in the drawer (although we still love him to bits). Once I found him sleeping in the litter box. Yes, the little box. He also eats all our scrap food, like a dog.

Our other cat Samba is always trying to lick him clean. This usually turns into some type of battle. It’s really quite cute.

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Hipstamatic Cats!

Anyone else have this iphone app? It’s SUPER fun… and the cats looks awesome!

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Meet my cats

Meet my cats, Samba and Simon (white one).

I plan on posting a lot of pics and videos about these guys. They are awesome 🙂

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